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There’s no food in my house

*dying whale noise*

whale: there is no krill in the ocean

*teenage girl noise*

I DONT WANT a lockout, i don’t want A LOCKOUT, I DONT WANT A LOCKOUT!!


i’m overreacting about this whole thing and it hasn’t even been said if there is gonna be a lockout,.. even though it is highly likely!

Dammit stop with the perfection, my god!

Dammit stop with the perfection, my god!

Just found out I could be moving to Chicago, my dad has a job interview Wednesday! Hopefully he gets it so I can go to uni in Chicago and support my hawks from close by!


Can the nhl get locked in

In my house

how i would narrate the Olympics
me: they're doing some athletic shit
me: and omg look at that butt